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Modern Loft with Black and White Interior Embracing the Beauty in Simple Look

Sergey Baskakov has done designing a visualization of modern loft with black and white interior. Showcasing the style and beauty in its simplicity, this minimalist loft design concept certainly will suit you who love to have everything simple and clean. However, if you think that each minimalist room may appear really plain and boring this loft will show you how something exciting may come in simplest form as well.

What to hate from the modern loft interior for this monochrome living room? Taking the full advantage from its open and spacious interior, this living room celebrates the total comfort from its large L-shaped sofa. Displaying the gorgeous black shade, see how this color may provide the black and white interior design instantly. If you love spending times with your friends or family, this open living room certainly would be a great inspiration for you.

When you want something dramatic without leaving out the minimalist look in your bedroom, this modern design would suit you really well. As you can see, this modern bedroom may appear totally bright, airy, and large due the use of white color generously to its interior. Simple bed and drapes employed in this room, however, displays the gorgeous black shade. Yet, our favorite item is the large wall mirror to double the amenities in this room instantly; brighter, airier, and even larger. Oh, and do not forget about the simple track lamps that suit any open interior perfectly!

If you do not really want to go totally simple modern loft in black and white combination, you can simply insert the gorgeous wooden tone to make your modern interior looks stunning. Sergey also designs a cool loft interior that involves the beautiful wooden tone without leaving out the minimalist look. Just take a look at this beautiful modern black and white interior design for the open kitchen and dining space, where the charming wooden tone wrapping the flooring and furniture beautifully.

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