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Wooden Construction Building for Excellent Modern Loft Style

Contemporary interior style is as a special style that will be able to be used to design loft applying design of wooden construction building to be more excellent. The wooden construction that is used to design interior space actually will be able to create contemporary interior theme that looks so natural and stunning. Wooden construction design modified in a contemporary impression is designed by Martin building company to design and decorate multi-level loft design project in San Francisco.   Planter Under the Mirror and Pendant Lamps at the Loft in Soma San Francisco

Interior space in this project is modified perfectly by combining between wooden and iron interior construction which they can be arranged artistically to decorate interior space. White interior space theme combined with gray interior space design actually will create modern interior theme bringing modern loft design perfectly as like with the wooden construction building. Simple interior stair looks so stylish to be designed by using iron stair fence construction. It will look more artistic to be combined with exposed interior concept that will make house living to be more interesting.

Natural concrete wall design is used well to decorate interior wall in this project perfectly. Actually it will be able to create stylish interior theme that brings natural color feature. Actually it can create special interior space that is designed by using natural concrete construction. Basket design can also be added to design interior wall which it can be categorized into artistic interior decoration idea. Somme interior plant decorations can also be added to design interior space freshly and naturally.Planter that Givign Fresh the Loft in Soma San Francisco Decor

White and gray interior sofa can be used well to design interior furniture in this project. White sofa feature actually can represent modern interior furniture that will modify interior space perfectly. In addition, gray sofa feature is used to create interior furniture style that has a similar motif with interior wall theme that is designed perfectly by using natural concrete wall design. Actually all of them become modern loft floor plans for wooden construction building that have contemporary appearance.

Screen Glass Facing White Bath Tub at the Loft in Soma San Francisco

Wooden Table feat Silver Porcelains at the Loft in Soma San Francisco

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