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Urban Apartment Living for the Closet House Design

There are so many people that now life in small urban apartment living with limited space to explore. Well, that is the condition that we are all faces right now. The space problem has been one of the biggest space decoration problems since few years ago. It pushes people live in smaller living space that few decades back, but it doesn’t mean that people can’t have such a lovely and sufficient living space because there are some amazing small apartment designs that prove the space problem is not unsolved problem and one of those apartments is this Closet House. This 44 square meter apartment design is developed by Consexto Studio.

The urban apartment décors that develop in this urban apartment living are something that can become the model for other small apartment setting. The key of this smart small apartment design is multifunctional space. There are so many multifunctional spaces that you will able to find in this superb small apartment design. Take for example the dining are for two people. The dining area is located in front of the TV wall unit, well, it is integrated in it. The dining table can be disappear just by flip it back to the wall unit, isn’t that amazing?

The other part of this perfect small apartment design that provide such an amazing design is the kitchen. It is indeed a very small kitchen, but it is equipped with smart storage system that enables you to store crystal glass in the drawer instead of hang it in the middle of the kitchen.

The design of this gorgeous small apartment design is all about smartly uses one space for two or more purposes. The urban apartment living that develops by Consexto Studio in this very small living space design is indeed something that deserves a lot of credits from all of us.

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