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Simple Outdoor Furniture for Bright White Building Design

There are many strategies that can be done to create modern house living and awesome house appearance simply which it is done by creating white building design with simple outdoor furniture modified modernly. This building design is developed well to design house living in Kanalia Hill House project that has contemporary building impression. White color design is used fully to design house building in this project. It is applied perfectly to design house exterior and interior space.

Bright building theme actually becomes special feature created in this project. It will be a special value that will make house construction to look so bright and modern. White exterior concrete wall is used perfectly to design house construction in order to look more modern. White house building design that is completed with gray door design looks so awesome. It can be categorized into simple building style which modern and bright building concepts with the simple outdoor furniture become main focus in this building design.

Outdoor swimming pool design is also modified in a fresh concept which it looks so modern to be decorated by using white color theme. Besides, outdoor space design is also made modernly by applying the simple outdoor furniture that is modified in white furniture theme. White pillow design used to complete exterior furniture set looks so bright, clean and modern which it is as a part of modern exterior house decoration.

White curtain design applied to modify house interior space looks so beautiful. It is as additional interior decoration that will make white interior theme to look mope perfect in its decoration concept. Futuristic white chair can also be added to design interior furniture in this project in order to look stylish. White dining room space looks so beautiful to be completed with white pendant lamp with creative style. Besides, white house building which applies simple outdoor furniture is also used perfectly to design white interior space maximally.

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