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Open Space House Concept with Stylish Layout called Casa Folha

There are only few types of open space house concept that can be considered as successfully developed and one of those few houses is this Casa Folha. This special open space style home design is located in beautiful location of Rio de Janeiro’s coast and it is developed by Mareines and Patalano. There are so many amazing things that you will find in this amazing ethnic home design and one of those things is the combination of ethnicity and modernity. Those are two main styles that significantly involve in this superb contemporary house design. It seems complicated when you hear the combination of those two styles, but when you see the result, it is indeed amazing.

The open space house concept that develops in this astonishing contemporary house design is all about giving the people inside the use direct visual and physical access toward the beautiful environment in which this house is situated. So, basically, this house is develop based in the location, it develops to maximize the beauty of the location. Well, it is not a new thing in modern housing era. There are so many home designs that manufactured based on the location in which it lies and most of them end up amazing.

Since this perfect contemporary house design is all about open space, most of the interior design is physically accessible even form the outside part of the house. It means that it has direct visual access in to outer part and the other way around. It makes the beauty of interior design that develop in this adorable contemporary house design is extremely important to the beauty of the house.

There are some houses that use open space setting, but the totalitarian open space design that shows by this gorgeous contemporary house design is something in the next level. The open space house concept in Rio de Janeiro is indeed one of a kind.

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