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Office Décor Ideas with Colorful Interior

Industrial Ceiling also Contemporary Furniture DecorationsThe brilliant Studio has done designing the office décor ideas that is located in Palo Alto, California. The creativity is totally exploited in making this contemporary office building design, which results in extraordinary and exciting impression. We guarantee that there is nothing you can hate from this office design, including the colorful interior that looks different from one room to another.Modern Decor Used Green Landscaping Decorations InspirationBrown Sofa Furniture also Traditional Chandelier Lightings

One of the coolest spaces in this contemporary office is this exquisite lounge designed in open and spacious industrial interior. As the ceiling space exposes the pipes and lightings to accentuate the industrial look, you can see the modern and stylish furniture as part of this office décor ideas design such as wooden office table. We simply love the choice of bright color that will make this lounge area appears exciting instantly.Modern Furniture also Concrete Ceiling Decorations for InspirationInterior near Modern Minimalist Furniture also Traditional Chandelier Lightings

This interesting office space displays bright yellow burst accenting the wall space. Decorating the wall space, you can see not only framed artwork but also stylish fixed gear bike. As you can see, the workspace is designed to be open with no cubicle, thus the employees may interact better with others while working creatively.

There is also this stunning industrial interior that displays the steel structure. As you can see, the steel structure spectacularly frames this open office space to appear really stunning and modern effortlessly. The bright and rich red wall space is becoming the background for this open office wonderfully. See also how this space may appear extremely bright and airy due the plenty of natural light in this open space.Modern Furniture also Concrete Flooring Decorations for Home InspirationModern Furniture also Industrial Ceiling Light Decorations

If you are imagining the meeting room would be totally formal and displaying serious look, Facebook’s will show you the other one. Rocking its ultra-modern interior, this monochromatic meeting room efficiently uses its wall space for the large and expanding white board. This way, there is no chance to miss any space to write down the new ideas! The office décor ideas for this meeting room also displays a hint of bright red along with the exquisite ceiling design.Modern Furniture also Minimalist Space for InspirationModern Office Furniture also Orange Wall Colors

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