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Modern Villa Design with Japanese Style named Engawa House

There are some great creations of modern villa design that will make your holiday become an unforgettable event and one of those villas is this Engawa House. This lovely contemporary villa design is located in lakefront area of Seattle, Washington and it is developed by Sullivan Conard Architects. There are so many great things that you will find in this superb modern style villa design but the most crucial things that contribute the beauty of this wonderful modern style villa design is the style that use in the home structure and interior decoration.

The modern villa plans that use in this astonishing modern villa design is a little bit unique. It is highly influenced from Japanese style. That is where the name is coming from. There are some parts of the house that clearly expose Japanese style in this beautiful modern style villa design and one of those parts is the glass windows. As we all know that there is a signature style of window that most of traditional Japanese house is in its structure. That kind of design is also found in this nice modern style villa design. Well, the traditional one is manufactured by using paper, but this one is developed by using glass material.

The other part of this perfect modern style villa design that able to show Japanese style is the living room. This is a highly modern living room design that clearly occupies Japanese modern style. The flooring and the selection of the furniture tell that this space design is highly influenced by Japanese style idea.

Every parts of this gorgeous modern style villa design is manufactured based in traditional and modern style Japanese style and since this villa situated in United States, this kind of design will looks extremely unique. The modern villa design in Seattle is the glimpse of modern Japanese that develop in modern housing era.

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