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Modern Prefab Homes with Sommerhaus Piu Prefab Design

The fame of modern prefab homes is now in its peak. There are so many people that decide to use prefab house system in their house construction. A modern style prefab home design always able to offers new perspective of simplicity and modernity, which is why there are so many people that love this house type. There are some extraordinary contemporary prefab house designs that can become the example of how prefab home should looks like and one of those houses is this Sommerhaus Piu Prefab Vacation Home. This stunning contemporary prefab home design is manufactured by German-based designers, Patrick Frey and Bjorn Gatte.

The modern prefab homes that you will find in this beautiful contemporary prefab house design are, actually very simple. It is a one-storey home design that use a lot of glass material in it. Well, just like any other prefab house, most of the home structure of this astonishing contemporary prefab house design is dominated by wooden material, but there is a big involvement of glass material and that can be seen in the one of the corners of this house in which all of the part is substituted by using glass material.

The inner part of this perfect contemporary prefab house design is also the one that make this house very special. It uses highly minimalist style interior design in order to create some spaces in the inside area. Well, this house is a small house, which is why the minimalist style seems to be the best style that can be used in this adorable contemporary prefab house design.

This gorgeous contemporary prefab house design will be able to become such a great vocational home for anybody, indeed. One of modern prefab homes by Patrick Frey and Bjorn Gatte is a great example of how beautiful a prefab house design can be.

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