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Modern Home Renovations Displaying Unique Details

Brown Sofa also Unique Chandelier LightingsAzovkly Pahomova, a Russian-based firm, has done designing this wonderful modern home renovations. This home interior is designed carefully to display beautiful yet spectacular look by employing varying patterns and textures that results in wonderfully unique details. However, despite the stunning and stylish interior, this home is done beautifully to provide the comfort for its residents as well.Interior near Brown Sofa Furniture also Modern Fireplaces

Let’s explore this beautiful home from its living room first. Its bright interior is depicted really well through the generous use of white paint for this beautiful modern living room. However, this modern home renovations design has done an excellent job in providing stunning details that will leave you stunned by its charm and beauty.

Not only providing the artificial light to keep this living room bright during the nights, you can see how the chandelier design displays unique shape. Yes, it’s spider-web shape that certainly would be really easy to notice. Another small detail that brings a great impact to this living room thoroughly is the grid design as displayed by the contemporary rug really well. This results in the neat look for this cozy and spacious living room, which is wrapped by splash of taupe color for warm interior.

Interior near White Vanity Furniture also LED LightingsInterior Used Brown Sofa Furniture also Unique Chandelier Lighting

The modern kitchen space beautifully displays the neat look buy contrasting white surface with gorgeous dark and rich wooden tone. Designed to be open, this kitchen will provide a better interaction with more people, thus portraying the image of ˜heart of a home ™ perfectly. Our favorite feature is the gorgeous yet simple white kitchen island topped with thick wooden piece that may serve greatly as cozy breakfast bar as well.Interior near White Wash Basin also Blue Vanity Furniture DecorationsInterior Used Unique Wall Decor also Concrete Flooring Decorations

The dining space is beautifully designed with elegant interior. Thanks to the choice of warm color shade as part of its interior, including the fascinating flooring design, which helps displaying the elegance beautifully. The luxurious look is wonderfully created through the use of beautiful crystal chandelier as part of the modern home renovations design ideas that certainly will make any dining time feels more delightful.Kitchen Interior in Dining Room Used Modern Furniture also Crystal Chandelier LightingKitchen Interior near Concrete Tile Flooring Decorations

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