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Modern Home Design with Earthquake Resistant Structure

Today, we will take you to see some modern home design structures that are specially designed and perfect for earthquake zone. Providing high functionality, each of designs for the earthquake-resist home is carefully done to make it strong even though the earthquake strikes up to certain Richter scale. However, that special feature is not the only thing that makes these homes special. You can even see a unique design for this earthquake resistant home.

We all know that Japan is one of the earthquake zones on Earth. Even though we have heard that Japanese technologies are already advanced in creating strong building structure that would resist to great earthquake, you can find one with unique shape here. Japan Dome House Co. Ltd provides these unique modern home design ideas that will make every building appears like igloos. As if the architectural shape and exterior design is not extraordinary enough, we guarantee you will feel surprised knowing that each home in this residential area is built by employing the Styrofoam material that will not rust.

The unique dome home can be found in US as well. Named as Rotating UFO Home, you can see how this unique home is designed by employing the wood and cork as its main materials. As indicated by its name, this home can be rotated to absorb the sun lights, providing solar energy for this eco-friendly home. Besides, thus rotating dome home displays elegant interior that spectacularly displays the warm feeling thoroughly from the abundance of rich wooden tone.

This two-storey home beautifully displays the wooden exterior that will blend easily with its beautiful green environment. However, this home is carefully crafted and built to provide steady structure to support not only the whole building but also to make this home resist to shock caused by earthquake. There is also this concrete home in China as one of the coolest modern home design ideas that looks totally incredible with its cool concrete interior.

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