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Modern Home Décor Accents with Colorful Setting

Every modern home always has its own modern home décor accents as for this The Laurelhurst Residence. This is superb modern style home design is originally built in the 60s, but now it become one of the best contemporary home designs after receive an excessive renovation treatment from COOP 15 Architecture. Now this astonishing modern style home design has a nice design atmosphere and you will not able to find in the residual past of the previous design because now this house is entirely new and has new design sprit that possibly able to become such a great example for any other home design creation, thanks to COOP 15 Architecture.

The modern home décor accents that use in this house is the one that make this lovely modern style home design so special. This stunning modern style home design uses colorful space setting in order to erase the old taste from the initial design. People now focus on the colorful setting that provided by the house instead of asking what the initial design looks like. This is a great method that can be used by any other renovation project. If you want to change the atmosphere of your design, use colorful design.

There are few parts of this perfect modern style home design that can be able to become the example what kind of design that develop in this house and one of those parts is the minimalist living room design. The colorful setting that use in this minimalist living room is not totalitarian setting, it only uses color as the space needed it.

The great thing about gorgeous modern style home design lies in the smartness of the designer in selecting the weight of colorful tone in space in order to maintain the minimalist style design intact. The home design with modern home décor accents in Seattle is something that you all need to see, indeed.

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