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Minimalist Interior Design Showing Splash of Bright Colors

Open Plan Home near White Booshelves also Grey Sofa on Wooden Floor

Apartment near Wooden Dining Table also White Chairs near Long Blue Sofa

Bedroom near Wooden Bed also Dark Quilt near the Green Floor LampDenis Khramov has done designing a minimalist interior visualization that certainly will be a great inspiration for your modern living space. Its minimalist approach is wonderfully actualized from the simple yet fresh white interior that will make every room appears clean and bright naturally. As if it is not enough, this home feels totally airy to love due the open design. However, each white room may appear surprisingly interesting since the white interior will make it easier in providing punch of colors.Chairs also a White Kitchen Diner Table beside the White Kitchen Space

Living Room near Blue Sofa also Blue Table on Hardwood Floor

Dining Room near White Chairs also Oversized Round Lamp above it

Let’s start exploring this minimalist interior home from its kitchen space first. Popping from the wall space, this minimalist interior design celebrates the instant cool impression by applying the chalkboard paint. This way, you can avoid the mess in your kitchen due a stack of to-do-list notes you attach on refrigerator or wall space. This way, you can simply write down anything and erase it just when you don’t need it anymore. Besides, you can attach the lovely colorful wall decor as seen in this kitchen space. Its bright interior is also contrasted perfectly by the rounded stuffed yarn lanterns in dark blue that will illuminate the beauty of this room.Table for Dining Room near White Chairs also the Hardwood Floor

Space near Brown Stools also Modern Lamps near the Glass Walls

Room near Wooden Table also Modern Dining Chairs on the Hardwood FloorThe small yet charming dining space will steal your attention right away with its simple look. The choice of simple and modern wooden dining table displays the clean lines detail perfectly, with its gorgeous wooden texture providing eye-pleasing accent in this clean and bright white corner. Our favorite is the pop of bright and fresh green for the dining chairs that will make this dining space totally exquisite. Besides, this freshness is wonderfully continued from the hallway, as depicted by the fresh green chair.White Dining Room beside the Modern White Kitchen on Wooden Floor

White Chairs under the Long Lamp above Modern Wooden Floor

White Chair in Dining Room near Wooden Table beside the Kitchen

If you are worrying how your clean and minimalist white interior would look like, this fantastic visualization will tell you how to make it looks fantastic even in simple ways. As you have seen on the kitchen space, the chalkboard paint would help you solving this matter. However, you can simply add the contemporary framed artworks to make your white wall space looks stunning. You can see this modern minimalist interior design decorating idea on the dining space as well as hallway, where pop of bright red can be seen as well.Living Room near White Cabinet also White Bookshelves on White Floor

Lamp in the Bedroom near White Chair also Wooden Bed under Dark Quilt

Kitchen near White Cabinets also Dark Backsplash near the Wooden Countertop

Kitchen also Dining Area near White Furniture also Modern Details

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