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Luxury Home Design Plans Overlooking Incredible California Landscape

Brown Furniture also Wide Fireplace near the Glass Balustrade

Residence near Rattan Furniture also Modern for the Movei SetThis incredible luxury home in Hollywood Hills, California is surely familiar if you are an avid fan of Ashton Kutcher. Yes, this spectacular contemporary home is featured as a set for one of Kutcher’s movies, entitled as Spread. Previously owned by Randolph Duke, this contemporary home certainly knows how to let its residents drown in the beauty and luxury of this spectacular home.Residence near Long Glass Balustrade also White Wall under Flat Roof

Residence near Long Glass Balustrade also Bed

To provide the expanded view of California landscape to this contemporary home interior, you can see the generous use of transparent glass element as part of its design. The view even looks even more spectacular when the evening comes, thus becomes a great view to decorate the interior wonderfully. Just take a look at this luxury home design for its open and spacious living area that certainly is a great spot to spend the relaxing time with family and friends.Residence near Long Bench facing the Stunning Panoramic City View

Open Plan Home also Bright Lighting facing the Panoramic View

Move Set Home near Long White Sectional Sofa also Modern Bedroom Details

Look at this cozy living room. The glass wall truly will provide the incredible view to accent this living room ™s minimalist interior. Just imagine how spectacular it feels to hang around in this room while enjoying the view! However, this living room is designed to be not only stunning and stylish. The choice of stylish modern furniture, seen in this stunning black sofa, surely provides the comfort for you as well. Besides, this living room is also equipped with modern fireplace that may provide the warmth during any gathering time.Residence near Green Plantations near Long Wooden Table also Long Bench

However, it is not only the spectacular view that makes this home totally incredible. Now, let ™s move to other part of this incredible home where you can enjoy the freshness and relaxing vibe from the lush green as part of this home landscape design. Look at this cozy sitting space that is designed to be totally open to the lush greeneries outdoor. The open design as part of this luxury home design ideas spectacularly enhances the coziness for this space while the lush green may serve greatly as the buffer as well.Long Wooden Table also Dark Bench under Gorgeous Chandelier

Long Brown Benches also Brown Throw Pillows facing Green Garden

City seen from the Residence Upper Space near Long Brown Chaise

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