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Flat Interior Furniture with Pale Color Palette

Today, we will take you to see this incredible flat interior furniture that has been spectacularly designed by Tamizo, a Poland-based studio. This flat is incredibly designed with minimalist interior by employing the neutral and pale color palette generously. Undoubtedly bright, this minimalist flat surprisingly displays the beautiful look despite its simplicity. If you are currently looking for any inspiration for your minimalist flat interior, this one is surely worth to see.

Let’s start exploring this minimalist flat from its open living area first. We really adore how this room may provide the total comfort despite its simple appearance. Look at this flat interior furniture for the TV room. The choice of modern yet cozy sofa in grey splash looks perfectly fit in this room. You can also see the stylish contemporary chaise that may provide comfort as well as stunning detail for this room.

Looking at the dining space, you can find the pop of gorgeous wooden surface as part of this minimalist interior design. You can see how the bright white interior of this room may let the wooden tone pops out wonderfully. Despite its simple modern dining set design, this dining space celebrates the dramatic details provided by the large drum shade chandeliers in the same clean white color.

Walking into the kitchen space, we just adore the clean and sleek impression of this minimalist room. The choice of grey shade for this kitchen interior is beautifully accented by modern white furniture, as seen on the simple kitchen island and cozy stools. As you can see, this grey floor of this kitchen perfectly contrasts the wooden flooring of the dining and TV room, creating eye-catchy detail effortlessly.

The open bedroom in this minimalist flat displays stunning wall decor displaying rustic style. You can see how this minimalist bedroom may celebrate the warmth provided by the rich color accent for the shabby tiles decorating the wall space. This bedroom interior perfectly displays how this flat interior furniture design provides beauty even in simplest form.

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