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Industrial Interior Architecture Displaying Unique Design

Today, we will take you to see two incredible contemporary lofts that are designed with industrial interior architecture. However, each one of them is displaying different color shade that will create two different impressions as well. Despite this difference, you can see how each contemporary loft is designed with open floor plan that will deliver the cozy atmosphere seamlessly.

This first contemporary loft is designed by Alexander Uglyanitska. The industrial interior architecture design in this loft beautifully displays the rich color shade that will create the totally warm atmosphere in this living space. Not only seeing the exposed brick wall, you will find the exposed pipes with rusted look that will decorate the wall space fantastically.

Despite its unique industrial look, the living room of this contemporary loft beautifully demonstrates splash of fresh and bright color to create the modern impression as well as providing eye-catching detail in this open room interior. There, you can see the truly cozy contemporary sofa in fresh and bright splash that contrasts the rich color interior beautifully. You can also find a hint of burnt orange accent for the contemporary lighting employed in dining space.

The second loft displays the natural yet cool color palette that is beautifully accented by gorgeous darker shades. Here, you can also find the raw brick wall space and the exposed pipes to make the ceiling space looks dramatic. As the pale color may create the bright interior naturally, you can see how the pop of dark yet richer color will help building the comfort feeling.

As you can see, the furniture in this extremely open and spacious living area is carefully chosen to display the stylish look. However, we really adore the stunning kitchen that looks totally sleek and shiny from its steel cabinetry. Our favorite item in this living area is the lovely wooden accent as displayed by the contemporary chairs and unique wooden coffee table. The rustic style of the coffee table certainly makes this industrial interior architecture design style totally exciting in unique way.

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