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Artistic Lamp Shades for Creative and Unique Interior Design

Creative lamp theme with artistic lamp shades can be used well to design artistic lamp which it will be able to be used maximally to design interior space amazingly. This lamp design is created perfectly in Constantin lamp project which unique lamp design becomes special lamp characteristic that is applied in this project. This lamp model is modified perfectly by Andrea Claire Studio which artistic interior scheme can be gotten by applying this creative lamp style.

Soft light sparkling is created perfectly by this lamp design. It happens because of stunning lamp cover that will make lamp light sparkling looks so soft and natural. Yellow light sparkling will be able to make house interior space to look more interesting. This lamp concept can be categorized into artistic lamp shades because of unique lamp style had by this lamp design. Unique string lamp construction is designed special from steel material so it can be made in an interesting shape that will make lamp concept to look more artistic.

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This lamp cover looks so beautiful when lamp was turned off. Wooden feature that is used to design the lamp cover actually will be able to be unique lamp cover that will make lamp design to look more beautiful in its appearance and concept. Stylish lamp model that is applied in this project will be able to make house interior space to look so special and interesting. Bright yellow color design can occur when lamp was turned on because of special wooden material used to design the lamp cover.

Iron steel construction that is used to design the lamp construction is also made in an elegant construction style. It is created by maximizing artistic steel construction model that is combined with artistic lighting motif. Artistic wooden detail can be created in a special way which it will make unique lamp cover that looks so interesting and unique. Special glue design is used to design this wooden lamp cover so it can create artistic lamp shades perfectly.

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